With just an ordinary deck of playing cards, I can see your future unfold. If you want to know what's in the cards for you, I'll use my natural gifts and 30+ years of experience to provide you with an incredibly accurate and detailed reading.

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Jul-20-2017 Caplican  Raymond's receiving contact from my family to give me courage and faith and stepping onto the stairway to heaven.... thanks Raymond... I will meditate to the song.. and enjoy it very much...

Jul-20-2017 pjl62967  Raymond is a wonderful minister of the heart. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to dialog with him at this beautiful level of intuitive understanding and insight.

Jul-20-2017 EllenSaKa  Thank you I've been getting strong senses that something's going to happen. And when it does you. Will be first to know. Sending happy thoughts your way

Jul-20-2017 Rhondakay  Thanks Raymond! You told me I would be fully staffed and it is happening!

Jul-20-2017 Quan93  I'm done... thank you for your services.

Jul-20-2017 patlaw  Thanks for putting my mind at ease. Your an awesome reader now if you could only find a way to get rid of this wicked heat we're having. Your the best! Talk soon.

Jul-20-2017 Branding  Raymond, you are the best! I've never had anyone read for me that is so connected and spot on. You see, hear, and pick up the craziest things which validate every word you say to me. I'm very happy to have met you, Thank you!

Jul-20-2017 puffpuff  100 percent going to seek hypnosis. Will make every effort from this moment to NOT LOOK online. I'm very seriously considering changing my number on the very off chance he decides to call. Hypnosis sounds like a very good idea, nothing else is working.

Jul-20-2017 puffpuff  "Thank you I Love You Please forgive me I'm sorry" I will seek hypnosis. I am very attractive, yet, Men don't notice me at all, ever. Which makes it more difficult that he has so many women interested in him and I have NO ONE interested in me.

Jul-19-2017 puffpuff  22 days since he stopped by for my number. You said things were going to pick up and *swore* he'd say he loves me...Not a peep..Frustrating and sad isn't it? He always ends up doing all that with someone else and posted more pictures...

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