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Monthly  Horoscopes  By  Selene

Rated as one of the top astrologers on the Internet, Selene graciously contributes her expert monthly horoscopes to all of us at Psychics Access. Selene is also one of the top psychics on Psychic Access. She has been working on Psychic Access since August of 2005. She travels regularly in the Western US, appearing at psychic fairs and expos. Selene is a wise and compassionate Virgo with a good sense of humor.

July 2015 Highlights:   July is a Blue Moon month with the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 1st and the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 31st. The lunar activity is energizing but this is actually more of a calendar than astrological event occurring every 2 years or so when a Full Moon occurs at the beginning and end of a month. With the Sun in Cancer, the first three weeks will be orientated towards family and home life. The Sun in Leo will empower us to develop our creativity and implement innovative solutions to issues that have concerned us for some time. By resolving past conflicts we can wipe the slate clean and get a new start regarding relationships of all sorts. The Full Moon on the 1st triggers us to get practical and take steps to embrace change as the Full Moon in Capricorn kisses transformational Pluto. Our imagination and inspiration will be strong during this lunation as mystical Neptune trines the Sun and Mars. The 6th is a potentially frustrating day as the Sun opposes Pluto. We'll feel open and ready to communicate about our feelings over the next few weeks as Mercury enters Cancer on the 8th as Mars trines imaginative Neptune. The Sun squares Uranus on the 12th, this could be a challenging day. Relationships can bring some tough lessons when Venus the planet of love squares Saturn in Scorpio on the 14th. The New Moon in Cancer on the 15th places our attention on home and our personal life, we will dig in to what is it we want to plant during this cycle of creation as Mars and Mercury oppose Pluto. It is time to get out of our own way, stop procrastination and excuses while getting around to things we've intended to do for months. Avoid angry outbursts when Mercury conjuncts Mars on the 16th. Venus enters analytical Virgo on the 18th giving us a glimpse at what we need to shift during the upcoming retrograde cycle, Venus hovers at the cusp of Virgo for the rest of the month. We will feel energetic and creative as the Sun enters his own sign Leo on the 22nd. Communication becomes more lively and creative as Mercury enters Leo on the 23rd conjoining the Sun. Venus will be retrograde from July 25th-September 6th, this transit comes up every 18 months or so we can review and reevaluate our values and what we've learned from our relationships. Expect to hear from people you knew in the past, it could ignite a reconciliation of a broken relationship or bring us to a place of accepting that it really is over. Mars squares Uranus on the 25th triggering us to make changes whether we feel ready to or not. Uranus the planet of change takes his station to go retrograde in Aries July 26th-December 25th. During this transit, we will review our progress and align with what we need to shift in order to move forward. The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 31st triggers us to shine our light and share our innovative ideas. We recognize that we are stronger than we thought and are ready for radical change. This Blue Moon illuminates what we must embrace to bring about new opportunities. Saturn squares Jupiter triggering us to take the responsibility for our actions as we progress. Be cautious as Saturn is preparing to go direct the following day. Venus also retrogrades back into Leo on the 31st showing us how to be more creative about how we interact in relationships.

Aries   March 21st - April 20th
Evaluate your ambitions and goals with the Full Moon in Capricorn. It is possible to have a life with your family and enjoy your home as well as progress in your career. You will be working on balance with these issues as you have felt depleted from giving too much of your life force energy on the job. Balance and effective communication will help you with these goals. Be sensitive to the feelings and desires of your family to avoid misunderstandings. The Cancer New Moon inspires you to spruce up your home, you could begin a redecorating project now or simply decide to clear up clutter to create more flow and harmony in your home. The Aquarius Full Moon makes you influential and able to reach out to others for cooperation.

Taurus   April 21st - May 20th
Be practical and harness the energy of the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 1st. Remain aware of what's going on with people around you and avoid conflict with others. You feel energetic and optimistic while Venus, your ruling planet is in Leo. The New Moon in Cancer brings a serious look at what is most meaningful to you now, the potential is there for a more serious commitment or major shift in relationships. Make wise choices and think things through first. Be prepared to get extra rest as Venus goes retrograde on the 25th followed by Uranus retrograde the next day. Pay attention to what's going on around you to avoid mishaps. The Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates business and your social standing, get out there and shine.

Gemini   May 21st - June 21st
Your personal security and money matters are the focus for you this month. Get practical about what you can do to manifest what you need without strife. The Full Moon in Capricorn illuminates what you must do to take charge of your life and seize the opportunities in front of you. The New Moon in Cancer can bring conflict over money if you allow yourself to give in to worry. Focus instead on developing your prosperity consciousness and affirming that all is well. The Sun in Leo brings more stability. Venus retrograde could reignite the ongoing conflicts regarding money and control. It is better to communicate and work as a team then to tear each other down. The Full Moon in Aquarius ushers Venus back into Leo and could possibly bring contact from an old flame.

Cancer   June 22nd - July 22nd
This will be a busy, intense and transformative month for you starting with the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 1st. This lunation puts the spotlight on your relationship with yourself. Work on building your self-esteem and personal strength. With Mars in your sign throughout the month you will feel energized and ready to move forward with your plans. Be practical about the decisions you make while Mercury is in your sign from the 8th- 22nd. The New Moon in Cancer triggers you to set an intention and get stabilized. Your personality will be dynamic and attract others. The Sun in Leo puts the focus on finances for the rest of the month. The Full Moon in Aquarius helps you take charge of your business affairs.

Leo   July 23rd - August 22nd
You will feel introspective during the Full Moon in Capricorn. Not content with the status quo, you are ready to break out of the box and move forward with some creative ideas. Get extra rest and quiet time alone as this will help you plan your next steps. It is time to eliminate what no longer works for you and focus on your own fulfillment. With Venus conjoin Jupiter in your sign you want to live a life that you love and are ready for expansion and growth. The New Moon in Cancer brings enlightenment about what to do to shift gears. Some things are best handled on your own rather than being delegated. The Full Moon in Aquarius spotlights relationships, this could be a good time to bond with your mate or meet someone new if single.

Virgo   August 23rd - September 22nd
July will fly by for you as Mercury your ruling planet transits three signs. The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 1st can bring disagreements that have been under the surface for a while. Stay optimistic and don't give in to worry. Break out of your routine and expand your social life so that you feel happier and more content. Reconnect with old friends and acquaint yourself with new ones. Fear can be immobilizing, focus on what you want to have happen rather than the worst case scenario. Emotions can be unpredictable as Mars is in moody Cancer throughout the month. The New Moon in Cancer will help to stabilize your emotions and your moods. Arguments and tension may come up as Venus and Uranus go retrograde. The Blue Moon brings a resolution to issues regarding your career or health.

Libra   September 23rd - October 23rd
Your focus is on career and what you want to manifest in your life materially. The Capricorn Full Moon puts your attention on domestic concerns. The discord around you is debilitating, be willing to compromise and create harmony. With Venus your ruling planet in Leo, getting ready to retrograde, you will have lessons regarding relationships. Pay attention so the lessons do not end up sounding like a broken record. The New Moon in Cancer reminds you to remain aware of threats or challenges that can come up unexpectedly. Venus retrograde in Virgo your 12th house of consciousness may make you question your relationships but bring an opportunity to figure out what you really want. The Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates your social life, get out and spend some time with your friends.

Scorpio   October 24th - November 21st
Saturn in your sign compels you to expand in many directions all at once. Energy that has been stuck for quite some time suddenly begins to move, so steer it in the direction you want it to go. The Full Moon in Capricorn could make you feel like people are trying to control you or hold you back. Watch your temper and get plenty of exercise to keep yourself in balance. The Cancer New Moon is a good time to take a trip and get away from your routine. Enjoy spending time with the one you love. You may feel somewhat unstable towards month's end as so much change has happened in your life recently. The Leo Full Moon illuminates your responsibilities at home and with business, work together for best results now.

Sagittarius   November 22nd - December 21st
You will have an opportunity to catch up with your finances this month. Be practical and get your affairs in order now. The Capricorn Full Moon helps you gain the focus you need about managing your money. You may feel somewhat on edge with so many things up in the air during July but you will be able to resolve many issues and improve your quality of life. Utilize the New Moon in Cancer to set your intentions and get ahead. Establish a realistic budget and stick with it. Be sure to get enough rest as you have been feeling depleted, proper nutrition is important too. The Leo Full Moon is a good time to rev up the romance and get back on track in your relationship.

Capricorn   December 22nd - January 19th
The Full Moon in your sign on the 1st makes this an auspicious month for you. Everything will seem to happen at once as the different projects that you have on the back burner will be placed right in front of you ready to be dealt with. You will be able to accomplish amazing things during July if you can remain focused on your goals. Mars in Leo puts your attention on joint finances and shared resources, make sure that your debts are paid and taxes are up to date. The New Moon in Cancer puts the spotlight on your relationship, this is a great opportunity for a fresh start or new direction with the one you love. The Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates your solar 2nd house of money and finances, avoid worry and focus on prosperity.

Aquarius   January 20th - February 18th
Pay attention to your health this month as you may be vulnerable to the flu or viruses. Be kind to your digestion, don't overtax your body. The Full Moon in Capricorn is a good time to retreat from the drama that may be going on around you. You need rest at this time so put yourself first. The Cancer New Moon will bring improvements with your health if you have been taking care of yourself. You may also be offered a new opportunity at work or even a new job if you have been seeking one. Relationships take center stage while the Sun is in Leo. The Full Moon in your sign opens up the channels of communication with your loved one, spend enjoyable time together under this Blue Moon.

Pisces   February 19th - March 20th
The focus is on creativity and romance for you this month. You will be feeling especially imaginative and will experience strong visualizations. Work with these energies to clear the fog and gain perspective on what you really want. The Capricorn Full Moon is a good time to review your priorities and get on track to avoid dissipating your efforts. If you can follow up now you may be amazed by what you can accomplish. The New Moon in Cancer empowers you to work with your creativity and begin a new cycle helping you to open up to your potential. Be open to new experiences now for best results. The Full Moon in Aquarius could bring some old issues to the surface, deal with them rather than being in denial.

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