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Monthly  Horoscopes  By  Selene

Rated as one of the top astrologers on the Internet, Selene graciously contributes her expert monthly horoscopes to all of us here at Psychics Access. She has been our resident astrologer since August of 2005. She travels regularly in the Western US, appearing at psychic fairs and expos. Selene is a wise and compassionate Virgo with a good sense of humor.


August 2016 Highlights:   August begins with the winds of change as we adjust to the erratic energy of Uranus in Aries going retrograde at the end of July. We enter the cosmic portal of the Lion's Gate on August 8th each year, a supercharged period bringing us enlightenment. We'll shift our beliefs and how we experience reality as Saturn the planet of structure and limitation goes direct in Sagittarius on August 13th. Neptune the planet of the subconscious and Pluto the planet of transformation are still retrograde throughout the month. We will evaluate our next steps and gain perspective about what we need to learn with the challenging Eclipses coming up in September, be ready for a potentially bumpy ride. After an intense retrograde phase from mid-April until the end of June, energetic Mars reenters Sagittarius on the 2nd along with the fiery New Moon in Leo. We will feel creative and empowered with this lunation as we observe the options available to us now. Loving Venus enters picky, practical Virgo on the 5th and squares Mars on the 6th. Relationships can be challenging until the 29th when Venus moves into gentle Libra. Be kind to those you love during this phase. Communication becomes intense as Mercury trines Pluto on the 10th. As Saturn stations direct on the 13th, we will get back to creating a more solid structure and moving forward with issues that have been in limbo since the planet of limitation and lessons went retrograde on March 25th. Our emotions may be intense as Venus squares stern Saturn on the 13th and opposes dreamy Neptune on the 14th. The light shines through the clouds as the Sun trines Uranus on the 16th. The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 18th shakes up the status quo, makes us stand up to authority and break out of boring routines. Some astrologers consider this to be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse but NASA doesn't. We will feel empowered to shake things loose and dance to our own tune so it will influence us like an Eclipse. Whether it is actually an Eclipse or not, it is a prelude to coming attractions. With a pair of Eclipses coming up in September, this opens the window of transformation for a month as well as the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Virgo. Communication expands as Mercury conjoins Jupiter on the 22nd, the Sun enters Virgo later that day. Get your ducks in a row and take care of important business matters this week. We are filled with expansive ideas as Mars conjuncts Jupiter on the 24th but this may deflate as he squares Neptune on the 26th. Relationships deepen and taken on new meaning as Venus conjoins Jupiter in Virgo on the 27th and enters her own sign Libra on the 29th. Expect snafus and delays in travel as Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo on August 30th-September 21/22. Plan ahead and be flexible. Work on organization and clearing up clutter during this phase. Get ready to steer in a new direction with the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo on September 1st.

Aries   March 21 - April 20
The Leo New Moon inspires your creativity and makes you optimistic. Mars your ruling planet enters Sagittarius where he will stay until September 27th. While he transits you solar 9th house of higher education, travel and expansive thoughts you will feel empowered to challenge yourself and learn something new. Venus in your solar house of employment from the 5th-29th is a good time to be a team player. Break out of your routine and try a different approach at work during the Full Moon in Aquarius. You have the power to change things for the better now if you are open to new information and inspiration. Take care of any important decisions or purchases before Mercury goes retrograde.

Taurus   April 21 - May 20
Your focus is on home and family as the New Moon in Leo transits your solar 4th house. This is a good time to redecorate or do necessary repairs around your home. It is also important to bond with the people closest to you as Venus your ruling planet is in Virgo until the 29th. Be kind not critical. Work together to create harmony rather than discord in your home. The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shines on career, status and business. Be ready to go with the flow if unexpected events occur at this time. Define your priorities and don't get distracted. Prepare for Mercury retrograde by taking care of business matters early. This is not the time for making major purchases or signing contracts.

Gemini   May 21 - June 21
Mercury your ruling planet is in Virgo throughout August and beyond. This prompts you to complete projects you have procrastinated on and get your business affairs in order. Stop avoiding finishing projects and get organized. The Leo New Moon speeds things up and can bring short trips and a lot of communication with new contacts and friends. Break out of your routine now as much growth is possible if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone. Mars in Sagittarius gives insight into how to heal important issues in relationships. Venus in Virgo tests those theories and brings lessons about getting along better. The Aquarius Lunar Eclipse brings new people into your inner circle who will influence your life positively over the next six months.

Cancer   June 22 - July 22
Money and personal security are on your mind as you reorganize your finances and gain clarity on what you can do to get ahead. Work with the New Moon in Leo to raise your prosperity consciousness and call in the abundance you deserve. Don't allow fear or negative thinking to create your reality. Saturn direct will help empower your goals. Avoid being around people who are sick as you are vulnerable to summer colds or flu. Find ways to reduce stress. The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse can bring the end of a job or source of income over the next six months. Pay attention to due dates; keep debts, tax and insurance payments current. Listen to your inner guidance, your intuition is strong.

Leo   July 23 - August 22
Change your outlook and your image as the Sun shines upon you until the 22nd. The New Moon in your sign brings opportunities to make your wishes come true. Stay focused on what you want to create and get your business and finances in order before Mercury goes retrograde in your solar 2nd house of money at the end of the month. The Full Moon in Aquarius brings new levels of understanding in relationships and partnerships. Be willing to try something new instead of following the same patterns that don't work. A proactive approach can bring positive results. Your natural optimism and sunny nature will help keep you from absorbing the fear and negative energy of others. Pay attention to your health for best results.

Virgo   August 23 - September 22
Mercury your ruling planet will be in your sign until October 7th, catch up on paperwork, organize and research. By focusing your intent you can accomplish a lot even during his upcoming retrograde. Being prepared helps you avoid stress and worry. The Leo New Moon is a good time to take a rest, relax, get out in the Sun, read something you enjoy. Use this time to be alone and recharge your batteries. Saturn's station direct on the 13th could make you feel on edge, avoid confrontations. The Aquarius Full Moon illuminates your need for balance but could bring big aspirations. Be sure to read the fine print before making important decisions. Chill out as Mercury takes his retrograde station as you may be feeling worn out.

Libra   September 23 - October 23
New friends and business contacts are attracted to you during the New Moon in Leo. Be willing to open up to new alliances that will help you get ahead and advance your career. Venus, your ruling planet, in Virgo until the 29th brings challenges in personal relationships. Be open to discussion, don't insist on having things your own way as your pride could put a wedge between you and important people in your life. Mars in Sagittarius makes your day to day life quite busy, make a schedule and stay organized. Do things around your home to make it more comfortable. The Aquarius Full Moon adds sparkle to your social life, get out with friends and enjoy yourself. You have been taking life too seriously. Avoid unnecessary spending or purchases while Mercury is retrograde.

Scorpio   October 24 - November 21
Mars moves into Sagittarius improving your luck and financial prosperity. The Leo New Moon brings career opportunity and room for advancement. Venus in Virgo can bring drama or discord in relationships, be willing to compromise and listen to others for best results. The Aquarius Full Moon illuminates what needs to change in your life in order to grow and live up to your potential. See yourself clearly now and let go of resentment from the past as it could hold you back during a phase that could really allow you to move forward. Take inventory and don't blame others, step up and take responsibility for your choices. This is a good time to detox and clean up your diet. Organize paperwork and plan ahead to avoid pitfalls during Mercury retrograde.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21
Enjoy the sunny momentum of the Leo New Moon, it may bring travel or educational opportunities, plan ahead and avoid taking risks. Mars moves into your sign giving you strength and energy to move things forward. Continue with your vision as Saturn in your sign goes direct. Long range goals and a sense of purpose are important to you now. Focus your attention on what you want to create. The Aquarius Full Moon illuminates communication and learning. Saturn conjoins Mars in your sign triggering you to get things moving. Be adaptable and willing to listen to others to avoid misunderstandings. Get organized and be prepared. This intent will help you stay on track when Mercury goes retrograde late this month.

Capricorn   December 22 - January 19
The New Moon in Leo activates your solar 2nd house of money. Mars in Sagittarius has you rethinking decisions and releasing bad patterns. You will do some financial reorganization this month. Venus in Virgo gives insight into how to strengthen relationships and avoid discord. Saturn your ruling planet goes direct helping you get back on track. Be cautious with your money, think before you spend during the Full Moon in Aquarius. This is not a good time for unnecessary purchases. This is a reminder to watch your resources and plan ahead. You are better off to save money and get business in order before Mercury goes retrograde. Make sure your bills are paid; taxes and insurance are up to date to avoid missing something important.

Aquarius   January 20 - February 18
Work on balance and equilibrium as you adjust to your ruling planet Uranus in retrograde. Focus on your intent to avoid confusion now. The Leo New Moon shines in your solar 7th house of relationships. Talk through your differences rather than being stubborn. By renewing your commitment, you can make your bond much stronger. Be willing to listen and compromise. Mars in Sagittarius brings insight into what you can do to recharge your career. The Lunar Eclipse in your sign challenges you to break out of your old ways of being and honor the free thinker you know yourself to be. New friends could come into your life over the next six months. Pare down your possessions and organize your home to make the most of Mercury retrograde.

Pisces   February 19 - March 20
Pay attention to your health, eat properly and get enough rest. You may have been overdoing it and need to slow down. The Leo New Moon is a good time to make a commitment to your personal well-being and begin a new health regime. Let go of bad habits for best results now. Venus transits your solar 7th house of partnerships and relationships bringing greater understanding of your mate which can help to mend a rift or misunderstanding. Neptune your ruling planet is retrograde and could cloud your judgment. See things clearly rather than being in denial. The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shows you where your life needs balance and could use some positive changes.

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