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Monthly  Horoscopes  By  Selene

Rated as one of the top astrologers on the Internet, Selene graciously contributes her expert monthly horoscopes to all of us at Psychics Access. Selene is also one of the top psychics on Psychic Access. She has been working on Psychic Access since August of 2005. She travels regularly in the Western US, appearing at psychic fairs and expos. Selene is a wise and compassionate Virgo with a good sense of humor.

May 2015 Highlights:   Sun in Taurus imparts solid fixed Earth sign energy that helps us get grounded and find our next steps. So far 2015 has been a whirlwind and we are all striving to keep up with the accelerated pace after the Eclipses. The Pluto-Uranus square is finally starting to ease up but we continue to clear up the chaos that final square in March brought us. The intensity will ease up somewhat this month even though Mercury will be retrograde in his own sign Gemini from the 18th until June 11th. The Full Moon in Scorpio May 3rd coincides with Beltane, the fertile midway point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. This Full Moon emphasizes letting go of what is worn out and no longer suits us as we create space for what we need to grow and evolve in the present time. Jupiter in Leo forms a T-square to the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio, it is time to expand our potential and release the past. This is a pivotal moment, be mindful of what you intend to manifest with the significant energies of this lunation. We enter the shadow period before Mercury retrograde on the 4th. Mercury goes retrograde just hours after the New Moon in Taurus. Saturn the planet of structure and Pluto the planet of transformation are still retrograde this month so we are in transformation mode and internalizing lessons learned now. Sensuous Venus enters nurturing Cancer on the 7th; relationships can grow closer during this transit. Mercury squares sensitive Neptune on the 9th, pay attention to what you are saying as your words could come back at you later. Energetic Mars enters dynamic Gemini on the 11th; we will feel interested in and attuned to friends and family over this next six weeks. Frustration and delays can occur as Mars opposes Saturn on the 15th. Take care of any last minute details and business matters before Mercury begins his retrograde phase on the 18th. The New Moon in Taurus on the 17/18th is a time to plant seeds for what you want to grow in your life over the next lunar cycle; we can solidify plans and take action in practical ways now. This is a particularly good time to focus on prosperity and gaining control over money matters. The Sun enters Gemini early on the 21st, with Mercury his ruling planet in retrograde this should be an interesting and challenging phase. Relationships will be tested as Venus opposes Pluto later that evening. The Sun opposes Saturn on the 22nd slowing down our momentum and reminding us to get enough rest. Misunderstandings and sudden changes in plans can occur as Venus squares Uranus on the 25th, Mars squares Neptune bringing more confusion later that day. Communication will become more serious and dynamic as Mercury conjoins Mars on the 27th. Mercury squares Neptune on the 29th bringing uncertainty and mixed messages. The conversation will be lively as the Sun conjoins Mercury on the 30th. It feels hard to navigate through the fog as the Sun squares mystical Neptune on the 31st.

Aries   March 21st - April 20th
Mars your ruling planet is in Taurus, your solar 2nd house of money until the 11th so get your personal finances in order now. The Scorpio Full Moon illuminates what you need to clear up regarding jointly held finances. Make sure your bills are paid and that taxes and insurance policy premiums are up to date. You feel restless and full of energy with so many planets in Gemini this month. Channel this energy towards something positive as other people have been draining you lately. Mars in Gemini will energize you and help you get back into your workout routine. The New Moon is a good time to work on your family's budget to eliminate unnecessary expenses and make plans for what you want to do with all the money you are able to save.

Taurus   April 21st - May 20th
You have the capacity to reinvent yourself during May and to get your finances in order too. Make and keep a budget for best results. Mercury retrograde is a good time to clean out your closets and donate unwanted items or possibly even have a yard sale to make some extra cash. The Full Moon in Scorpio illuminates your solar 7th house of relationships and partnerships, issues that have been brewing will come to the surface now. Be proactive in your approach and you may be pleasantly surprised by new levels of understanding and communication that come about if you change the old stale ways of relating. The New Moon in your sign brings a rare opportunity to make a fresh start on many levels in your life. Take action now and you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish.

Gemini   May 21st - June 21st
The Full Moon in Scorpio illuminates your solar house of health so renew your devotion to your physical well being and what you can do to create radiant health rather than worrying about getting sick. Don't give power to your fears but rather take action to take charge and make permanent changes regarding bad habits. Mercury your ruling planet goes retrograde and you are reminded of all you need to do to create order amidst the chaos in your life. This is a time of renewal and fresh beginnings for you so take a leap of faith and shift your consciousness. The Taurus New Moon highlights what you need to do to get your thoughts moving in a positive direction to take responsibility for your own success and wellness. The Sun in your sign energizes you and gives you an optimistic start to your personal New Year.

Cancer   June 22nd - July 22nd
The Scorpio Full Moon brings old emotions to the surface. Communicate about what is going on inside rather than burying your feelings and finding yourself being misunderstood. Being passive-aggressive now will do far more harm than good. This would be a great time to take a retreat outdoors or a spa day. It is time to nurture yourself for a change rather than being so concerned about how others are feeling and what they are thinking about you. Venus in your sign puts you in the mood for love, work out the kinks in your relationship over the next month as you could grow much closer. The New Moon in Taurus is a good time to network and reach out to old friends and new. Clean out your closets and organize your paperwork during the time that Mercury is retrograde.

Leo   July 23rd - August 22nd
The Scorpio Full Moon brings the end to an era and allows you to learn from the mistakes of the past. Be flexible rather than rigid and there is much that can be cleared up now. You feel more enthusiastic and lively this month after being overwhelmed by trying to juggle too much at once. You're still focused on career advancement but are willing to let go of the need to constantly be in control. Relinquishing control will help you reactivate your creativity and find joy in what you are doing rather than feeling like a drone. Mars in Gemini makes you more social and interested in being around others. Mercury retrograde illustrates what you can do to release whatever blocks your moving ahead. The Taurus New Moon is a good time to set intentions for what you want to create and manifest.

Virgo   August 23rd - September 22nd
The Scorpio Full Moon empowers you to get serious about your work and career. The desire to expand and become more is strong now. Mars in Gemini triggers you to take action and gain more control over your environment. You will feel lighter by paring down your material possessions. There are many items you have outgrown energetically that no longer hold meaning for you. Mercury retrograde is a great time to sort things out and discard what you don't need. Be tactful and watch what you say now as it is easy to be misunderstood. The New Moon in Taurus ignites your wanderlust, you may be tempted to plan or take a trip now. You feel ready to embrace something new and need a break from the status quo. Double check all travel arrangements if you plan to take off before June 11th when Mercury goes direct.

Libra   September 23rd - October 23rd
Catch up on bills and paperwork before Mercury goes retrograde. You have been procrastinating on too many things and need to streamline your finances and get things up to date. Check to make sure that any payments for taxes or insurance are current as some things could slip through the cracks now. You have an opportunity to heal a lot of misunderstandings during the Scorpio Full Moon. Be decisive and willing to speak up so you are clear about what needs to shift in your life in order for you to be happier and more content. Mercury retrograde makes you double check travel plans and consider going back to school to learn something new. The Taurus New Moon reminds you of your self-worth and to always make your own well being a priority.

Scorpio   October 24th - November 21st
The Full Moon in your sign triggers you to dig deep and get past those stuck emotions from your past that has held you back. Your spiritual growth is very important to you now and will grow by quantum leaps if you are willing to forgive others and forget what was done to wrong you in the past. Discipline yourself about finances, this is not the time for unnecessary spending but rather to pay off old debts and plan for the future you want to experience. Make time to relax this month as being on the go so much could drain your physical reserves. The New Moon in Taurus transits your solar 7th house of relationships and partnerships; you may deepen your commitment to the one you love at this time.

Sagittarius   November 22nd - December 21st
Your attention is on your health and life purpose as you try to maintain balance of body, mind and spirit. The Scorpio Full Moon illuminates what needs to be left behind in order to move ahead with the enthusiasm and sense of direction you naturally feel. If you can remain true to your own beliefs there is much you can accomplish now. Be attentive to loved ones as you need their encouragement to move forward, dissention makes you retreat and you need to feel connected not separate. Mars in Gemini puts the focus on working things out with those closest to you. The Taurus New Moon empowers you to set and follow a regular schedule, with so much to do you require order in your daily routine. You are ready to cut through the tendency to procrastinate and get really motivated now.

Capricorn   December 22nd - January 19th
You want to experience more love, joy and creativity. Now that Saturn your ruling planet is retrograde and the square to Uranus from Pluto in your sign is easing up, you feel ready to move forward. The intense Scorpio Full Moon compels you to get past your emotional baggage and unlock what it will take to fully experience the life you want to create. You will set boundaries with people and make a priority of spending more time with those who mean the most to you. You will set goals and go about making them manifest. The New Moon in Taurus makes you want to enjoy more of the fun side of life. Mercury retrograde makes you slow down so you can enjoy your daily life. Be cautious about your health and get enough rest.

Aquarius   January 20th - February 18th
The Scorpio Full Moon makes you seek balance in managing your career and your home life. It is just as important to have time to spend with those most important to you as it is to excel at your career. Don't pull back and try to take it all on yourself. Venus in Cancer puts your attention on what you can do to feel closer and more connected to the one you love. You will want to deepen your bond and feel as though you are a team rather than being on your own. The Taurus New Moon is a great time for you to plant the seeds for success in your career. You are on the verge of making a major breakthrough. Contemplate your next moves during Mercury retrograde, this is a good time for you to get caught up on projects that need to be completed.

Pisces   February 19th - March 20th
The Scorpio Full Moon could bring repressed emotions to the surface, be willing to communicate in order to clear the air. This is not the time to wallow in resentment but rather to express your needs and react to others differently. You can't change them but you can change your response and will be happier if you try not to take things so seriously. Make sure you have all business matters dealt with early in the month as this Mercury retrograde period could be a challenging one for you. This is not the time to sign contracts or start something new but rather to clear things up and pave the way for what's next. The New Moon in Taurus triggers you into taking steps to expand your perspective by taking a trip or learning something new.

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