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Monthly  Horoscopes  By  Selene

Rated as one of the top astrologers on the Internet, Selene graciously contributes her expert monthly horoscopes to all of us at Psychics Access. Selene is also one of the top psychics on Psychic Access. She has been working on Psychic Access since August of 2005. She travels regularly in the Western US, appearing at psychic fairs and expos. Selene is a wise and compassionate Virgo with a good sense of humor.

January 2015 Highlights:   2015 will be a positive year as it begins with a pivotal opposition between fiery Mars in innovative Aquarius and expansive Jupiter in creative Leo on the 1st. We want to create a new way of being in our daily lives and are ready to implement innovative ideas; this first month sets a tone for the rest of the year. Loving Venus enters free-spirited Aquarius on the 3rd as the Sun squares erratic Uranus and conjoins transformative Pluto. Mercury the planet of communication enters unconventional Aquarius on the 4th where he will stay until March 12th; this transit is extended with Mercury retrograde from January 21st until February 11th. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius challenges us to think things through and to think outside the box. Take action early in the month for best results then follow up on the ideas and inspiration for your New Years resolutions as there is much you can accomplish if you remain focused. The Full Moon in Cancer on the 4th illuminates the prickly Cardinal Grand Cross between Pluto in Capricorn conjunct the Sun opposed by the emotional Moon in Cancer which squares Uranus in Aries and conjoins the karmic South Node of the Moon. Keep your cool and don't let your temper get out of control. We are compelled to break out of karmic patterns as a result of this lunation so find practical ways to integrate your lessons and evolve. Mars enters Pisces on the 12th, work with your intuition and pay attention to your dreams over the next 5 weeks. It is important to remain patient at this time and to recheck your details and data to avoid mistakes. The New Moon in Aquarius occurs within an hour of the Sun entering this sign on the 20th, this lunar cycle will empower us to shift gears and break away from the status quo. Be cautious with travel and transactions as Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st We become more serious and introspective as the Sun forms a positive aspect to Saturn on the 23rd. Gentle Venus enters intuitive Pisces on the 27th, we are more inclined towards compassion and understanding during this phase. Be flexible on the 28th as plans could change suddenly due to miscommunication. Relationships may be a little challenging as Venus squares Saturn and the Sun conjuncts Mercury on the 30th.

Aries   March 21st - April 20th
Your desire for career advancement can take a major step forward this month. You may be offered a promotion and/or a raise; it is time that you were materially recognized for all that you contribute at work. Uranus in your sign squares Pluto in Capricorn throughout January making you impatient and ready to manifest your goals now. Be sure to get enough exercise as your body is processing a lot of stress now. The Cancer Full Moon could uncover some personal or family issues, be willing to face them head on rather than being in denial. You may decide to further or complete your education over the next 2 years while Saturn is in Sagittarius. The New Moon in Aquarius brings an opportunity to reconnect with old friends. Slow down and get some rest while Mars your ruling planet transits your solar 12th house of solitude.

Taurus   April 21st - May 20th
Be sure to work out all the details regarding any last-minute travel plans this month before Mercury goes retrograde. The Full Moon in Cancer could bring anxiety and a bit of depression as the energies around you feel disruptive and chaotic. It is best to pull back and leave other people's dramas alone as there is not much you can do to help them. By focusing on your own goals and your personal health you will be able to harness the productive energies during the time the Sun is in Capricorn. Mars in Pisces makes you want to socialize and connect with new people. This is a great time for networking and making contacts that will help to further your career. Tie up loose ends and take care of details during the time that Mercury is retrograde. The New Moon in Aquarius will help you with manifesting your goals at work.

Gemini   May 21st - June 21st
Make sure that all your bills are paid, and that taxes and insurance are up to date before Mercury your ruling planet goes retrograde. Take care of any necessary paperwork early in the month. Continue to put your personal health first as worry and anxiety can take a major toll on you now. The Full Moon in Cancer brings insight into what you can do to create greater balance with your finances throughout this year. Come up with a financial plan and avoid borrowing money for best results now. Mars and Venus in Pisces will stimulate your ambitions and get you moving this month. The New Moon in Aquarius offers you a fresh perspective on how you can expand your world through travel and education. Saturn in Sagittarius makes you work on strengthening your relationships and partnerships over the next 2 years, be willing to work as a team for best results now.

Cancer   June 22nd - July 22nd
Relationships are your priority during January as the powerful Full Moon in your sign illuminates what needs to shift in order to feel happier and more fulfilled. You can strengthen your connection by working together or you may decide to end relationships that are filled with strife. With Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your solar 6th house of work and service, you feel ready to get down to business over the next 2 years. Your personal health and emotional well-being is most important to you at this time as you are aware that you cannot fix anyone else. Venus in your solar 8th house puts your attention on clearing up financial issues. Stick to your New Year's resolutions regarding money and avoid overspending. The New Moon in Aquarius opens the door to try something new with your mate or partner, a break in the routine could do a lot of good for your relationship.

Leo   July 23rd - August 22nd
Rest and rejuvenation is important to you as the time has come to make a serious commitment to your personal health and well being. Make a fresh start by ending toxic relationships and eliminating draining situations from your life. Take care of loose ends, backup your computer files and attend to details before Mercury goes retrograde later this month. The Full Moon in Cancer illuminates where you may need to make some major changes in your life. Ask for what you need from those close to you and make changes in your relationships if you are feeling unappreciated. Saturn in Sagittarius triggers your creativity and desire for closeness over the next 2 years. The New Moon in Aquarius could bring a new job or important work project. Avoid signing contracts or making commitments until Mercury goes direct in February.

Virgo   August 23rd - September 22nd
Evaluate all your relationships this month as you determine where things are for you emotionally. Be honest with yourself, if you are ready to make a change, this month could trigger transformation in your life. Saturn in Sagittarius impacts your home and family life over the next 2 years. Clear out the clutter and downsize your possessions to encourage flow and creativity during this transit. The Full Moon in Cancer reminds you to put yourself first, there will be a lot of tension with this lunation, steer clear of conflict for best results. Avoid procrastination and put those New Year's resolutions in writing to align with your goals. Catch up on past correspondence and insure bills are up to date while Mercury your ruling planet is retrograde. The Aquarius New Moon brings new career opportunities; investigate them thoroughly before making a commitment after Mercury goes direct.

Libra   September 23rd - October 23rd
You may feel torn between your commitments to family, work and your personal well-being. With Venus your ruling planet in Aquarius, you want to find more pleasure in your daily routine. The Full Moon in Cancer illuminates those areas of your life where things are stuck and gives you insight into what you need to do to feel back on track. You may be dealing with some serious issues over the next 2 years as Saturn transits Sagittarius. Careful evaluation will lead to mature decisions that can help you move forward in your life. The Aquarius New Moon could bring a new love interest or an opportunity for more creativity in your career. You feel ready to expand and grow now, do your research during the Mercury retrograde phase and be ready to step ahead next month.

Scorpio   October 24th - November 21st
Saturn has moved out of your sign after 2 trying years. Take this opportunity to create a new budget and financial plan that can help you move forward and eliminate debt. Pay attention to your physical health as your digestion may not be operating as efficiently as it should. Simplify your diet and stick to whole unprocessed foods for best results with your New Year's resolutions. Be sure to spend enough time outdoors and get exercise so that you feel balanced and healthy. The Cancer Full Moon can bring emotional catharsis for you, stay calm and listen to the other person's point of view rather than jumping to conclusions. Spend some quiet time getting your house in order during the New Moon in Aquarius. It is better to go with the flow and try to get along with others rather than insisting on things having to be your way.

Sagittarius   November 22nd - December 21st
Saturn in your sign puts the emphasis on doing your personal best and achieving financial success over the next 2 years you have decided to get serious about attaining your goals not just for this year but for the long term future. You will learn a lot about self-control and time management during this phase. Your enthusiasm and optimism will help to carry you forward. The Full Moon in Cancer illuminates where you need to clean up your finances and personal relationships in order to live within your means and feel more prosperous. Avoid taking risks or overspending at this time. Get business matters in order and avoid making large purchases during Mercury retrograde. The Aquarius New Moon triggers a romantic Renaissance, utilize this positive energy to rekindle your relationship. Venus in Pisces makes you more sensitive and open later in the month.

Capricorn   December 22nd - January 19th
You are rewriting the script this month as Pluto in your sign continues to square Uranus in Aries. You are ready now to embrace change and no longer resist new energies in your life. It may feel as though everything is happening at once but the decisions that you make now are very important to your future, so make them wisely. You are triggered to release thought patterns and energies that have held you back in the past as your personal success and well-being is most important to you now. The New Moon in Aquarius could bring new sources of income and prosperity your way. Stick to your budget and your New Year's resolutions regarding finances for best results now. Be careful while driving as Mercury takes it station to go retrograde on the 21st.

Aquarius   January 20th - February 18th
You will focus on shifting your consciousness this month as an alignment of planets in your sign triggers you towards a fresh start. Your ability to accomplish a great deal will be emphasized this year if you are able to define your goals and remain focused on them. The Full Moon in Cancer on the 4th can be stressful for you as you strive to keep your temper under control and keep up with the busy pace of your life now. Defining your intent and sticking with your resolve is even more important during the powerful New Moon in your sign on the 20th. Life may be hectic and communication could be difficult during the 3 weeks that Mercury is retrograde in your sign. Take the time to double check details and avoid making important decisions during this phase.

Pisces   February 19th - March 20th
Saturn in Sagittarius pushes you to move forward in your career over the next 2 years. Make time for friends as your social life could be quite busy this month. The Cancer Full Moon illuminates the effects of emotional upheaval and what it can do to your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Mars in your sign makes you energetic, dynamic and lively. Make your New Year's resolutions regarding your health a priority. Be sure to get enough rest and watch your diet, you are very sensitive to processed foods and chemicals at this time. The New Moon in Aquarius could bring up issues from your past, it is time to release old stuck energies and forgive those people you still harbor resentment towards. Your love life revs up as Venus moves into your sign at month's end.

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